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  1. Gruss

    Staff Member Rewards & Evaluations

    Evaluation criteria is subject to change.
  2. Gruss

    Staff Member Rewards & Evaluations

    STAFF MEMBER REWARDS Although almost all of our positions on MineWrath are volunteer positions, we do provide our staff some awesome perks based on their performance throughout all MineWrath mediums (server, Discord, forums, MC-Market, etc). All staff receive a monthly performance rating...
  3. Gruss

    Terms of Service

    8. Disruption of Communications Disruptive communication is anything that inhibits the clean flow of communication between users on MineWrath. Disruptive communication includes but is not limited to: Flooding: Posting an excessive number of threads or posts is disruptive to communication. Don't...
  4. Gruss

    Terms of Service

    Terms of Service By using or accessing any of MineWrath's services you are agreeing to MineWrath's Terms and Conditions. If you do not or have failed to comply with any of our terms and conditions you are prohibited from using or accessing this site and/or the entirety of our services...
  5. Gruss

    Anti-Discrimination Hiring Policy

    Report all A-D policy violations to: [email protected] SUBJECT of email: Anti-Discrimination Policy Violation
  6. Gruss

    Applying to UPPER-LEVEL Positions!

    If you are applying to an upper-level position like Administrator, or a Management position, please email your resume to [email protected], and also PM me on the forum.
  7. Gruss

    Staff Expectations

    Staff Expectations: Failure to comply with any of the expectations below will result in an immediate dismissal from the staff team. Abide by the rules and policies. Staff members are not immune to them. Answer any questions that players have to the best of your ability. If you do not know...
  8. Gruss

    Our Core Values

    Our Core Values: What’s a core value? A core value is a belief that guides an organization’s actions, united its employees, and defines its brand. MineWrath has 5 core values; we are a very player and staff member oriented server. Everything that we do is to benefit the players or staff...
  9. Gruss

    Anti-Discrimination Hiring Policy

  10. Gruss

    Rules Official MineWrath Rules

    All of the MineWrath rules are ranked on severity based on a tier 1-3 system. The higher level tier, the more severe the violation is. All staff members will follow the following protocol when players break the rules. After the 7th or 8th violation, an admin will review the violation history of...
  11. Gruss

    Rules Official MineWrath Rules

    In the case where no specific rule governs behavior, it is to be assumed that any actions which provide unfair advantages to you without being available to other players through the server are not permissible and further actions may be taken as punishment. MineWrath is a PVP-oriented server and...
  12. Gruss

    Rules Official MineWrath Rules

    Rule #29: No Hiding Value: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense) All value must be claimed and not hidden, value must be in at least a 3x3 claim. Rule #30: No Alt Factions: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense) Alt factions for extra claims are not allowed. Rule #31: No Splitting Factions/Value: (Tier 3 Gameplay...
  13. Gruss

    Rules Official MineWrath Rules

    Rule #15: No Inappropriate Skins or Usernames: (Tier 1 Gameplay Offense) Inappropriate skins and/or usernames are bannable, with an option to appeal once the skin/username is changed. Rule #16: No IRL Scamming: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense) The scamming of items, monies or any other effects from...
  14. Gruss

    Rules Official MineWrath Rules

    MINEWRATH GLOBAL RULES IP: ____________________________________________________________________ FOREWORD - Important Information Despite every measure being implemented to ensure that all rules are included in this list, there is a possibility that some have been...
  15. Gruss

    Hi! I'm a MineWrath Owner alongside @Jasmine! While during the school year I won't be very...

    Hi! I'm a MineWrath Owner alongside @Jasmine! While during the school year I won't be very active during the week, I am always reachable within 24 hours on Discord at Gruss#0001. Reach out if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or issues. I would certainly be glad to help! :)
  16. Gruss

    Format Store Support Inquiry Format

    Have you experienced an issue when purchasing an item or with an item that is already purchased from buycraft? If so, report it Here! Important! * Please provide as much information as it may assist us with the issue you are experiencing. This can be a detailed explanation of your purchase and...
  17. Gruss

    Format Player Report Format

    Player Report Format: If you are going to create a report on a player, please use the given format below. Player reports will be DENIED instantly if you are not using the proper format NOTE Your IGN: Players IGN: Server: What did this player do? Evidence/Proof:
  18. Gruss

    Rules Discord Rules

    MineWrath Discord Rules General Rules 1.1 All players are expected to follow the rules. Failure to do so will result in consequences. 1.2 Do not impersonate any staff member or any players. 1.3 Do not Harass, Hate, Troll, or Bully. 1.4 Do not use inappropriate...