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Rules Official MineWrath Rules

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FOREWORD - Important Information

Despite every measure being implemented to ensure that all rules are included in this list, there is a possibility that some have been unintentionally omitted and thus allowances should be made should punishments be issued for rules which are not necessarily included here. Rules may change and be added at any time.

Staff reserve the right at any moment to issue a punishment for any misdoings, regardless of their outlawing or not in this list. If you feel as though you have been wrongly punished or you wish to appeal the punishment, please use the relevant features on the website to do so. Players are not entitled to verbal warnings on the servers; your playing is taken as acknowledgment of these rules. Staff may issue verbal warnings at their discretion but they should not be expected.

Talking back with disrespect towards staff in any way is strictly prohibited. If there is any evidence of such an act, the offender(s) will be banned on the spot. If you have any concerns with a staff member, PM Gruss directly on the website to complain.

If you are "joking" or are found lying when you do something against the rules, including threats (including mentioning hacks), etc, it is not a valid excuse. All measures are still taken. Punishments are issued on a cumulative basis in that any prior infractions on your account may contribute to the totality and severity of the punishments which are administered at each noted transgression. In some cases, you may be instantly banned disregarding your record on the server. The use of alt accounts to evade punishments, even without bad intentions is prohibited and will result in further punishment (alternate accounts will not be unbanned). It should be recognized from here-on in that asshattery, in general, will result in punishment.

If you do not like the chat conversations on any of the servers, you can disable your chat from within your game settings. If you do see something you don't personally like to see, you have the choice of turning your chat off altogether or using the /ignore command to hide all chat messages from the specified user.

Upon being banned, your IP may also be banned. On some rare occasions, you may have someone else using the same connection, and they will also be banned. It is your responsibility, so we do not take it as an excuse, and the other person(s) using the same IP connection will not be unbanned.

Anything that occurs outside of our minecraft servers, discord server, or website are not our responsibility or concern, and we take no responsibility of any actions that you may make. Be wise and wary of your decisions.

The following rules generally apply to all servers, though the punishment severity degree may vary depending on the context. The application of the rules may also vary depending on the server.

Not knowing rules is NOT an excuse for breaking them.

Rule #1: No Hacked Clients/Modifications: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
The possession/use of hacked clients or the associated mods is strictly prohibited, including mods that give one an unfair advantage over other players which compromises the stability of the game. Any resource packs or GUI modifications (such as an x-ray texture pack) offering the same or similar benefits are also not permitted. This includes advertising hacked clients.

Rule #2: No Advertising: (Tier 3 Chat Offense)
The advertising of other servers beyond MineWrath is strictly forbidden. This rule is enforceable through all communication media, including but by no means limited to: private messaging, factions chat, written books and signs.

Rule #3: No Explicit/Scam Links: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Links that are related to (but not limited to) scams and explicit material, etc. are against the rules and punishment will apply depending of the severity.

Rule #4: No Ban/Mute Evading: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense)
The use of alt account to evade bans is prohibited. Offering/selling them is also not allowed and will result in a punishment.

Rule #5: No Spamming/Stalking: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
The spamming/stalking of or otherwise excessive communication to other players’ chat feeds is not permitted. This is enforceable through any form of correspondence with other players including but not limited to: global and factions chat, private messaging, teleport requests and payments. Punishment will result in being muted.

Rule #6: No Abusing Glitches: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense)
The abusing of bugs, glitches or other shortcomings in game is not permitted.

Rule #7: No Threats: (Tier 3 Chat Offense)
Threatening other players or the servers with any form of malicious activity including but not limited to DDoS, DoS, Doxing or the publicizing of the player’s IP is strictly forbidden. In cases, these actions can be felonies in the United States.

Rule #8: Respect Privacy: (Tier 3 Chat Offense)
You must respect the privacy of everyone.

Rule #9: No Defamation, Hate, Harassment, or Trolling: (Tier 2 Chat Offense)
The use of language which could be deemed derogatory or defamatory to any party, such as homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia or racism (but in no way limited to this selection) is strictly forbidden. We do not allow harassment, hate, or trolling on the server. Players are entitled to their own opinions but are not permitted to cause offense to any group.

Rule #10: No Disrespect: (Tier 2 Chat Offense)
Being disrespectful to players (and staff) is forbidden. Do not attempt to deceive, ignore the instructions of, or otherwise abuse the staff members.

Rule #11: Resets: (N/A)
In the extremely unlikely event of an inventory wipe or item loss in other ways, we are not responsible for it. This includes rewards received by voting/donating.

Rule #12: No Impersonation: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
The impersonation of staff is not permitted. Impersonation of previous staff is permitted so long as its aim is not to cause offence or be libelous or otherwise taint the representation of the ex-staff member.

Rule #13: No Duplicated/Glitched Items: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense)
Any duplicated items or items procured through a bug or glitch will be removed from your person on sight.

Rule #14: No Lag Machines: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
The inducing of excessive lag through such items as (but not limited to) complex redstone contraptions or crowded farms is not allowed. Staff are entitled to remove features of any lag-causing item in order to prevent it affecting the server performance. This includes using an alternate account to AFK at a mob farm whilst you play on your main account.


Rule #15: No Inappropriate Skins or Usernames: (Tier 1 Gameplay Offense)
Inappropriate skins and/or usernames are bannable, with an option to appeal once the skin/username is changed.

Rule #16: No IRL Scamming: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense)
The scamming of items, monies or any other effects from other players is strictly forbidden. We are not responsible for anything lost through a scam, so replacements will not be considered. Offenders may be punished if sufficient evidence is found. In the case of the scam of real effects, such as real currency or other such items of value (such as a MINECON cape), the punishment will be much more severe. If you do business with another player via PayPal, for example, where real money is concerned in the trade for a Minecraft account or other such item and are scammed, we are not obliged to ban any party. Please note that we are not able to issue sanctions for scams which do not occur on the server. Non IRL (in real life) scamming, on the server, is allowed.

Rule #17: No PvP Flying: (Tier 1 Gameplay Offense)
If you have the permission to fly on the server, you may not use it during PvP.

Rule #18: No NSFW Content: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Do not chat about pornographic, sexually explicit, or graphic, or otherwise NSFW content.

Rule #19: No Abusing the Economy: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense)
Do not abuse the economy. This includes, sending players large amounts of money to rankup and giving away free items.

Rule #20: No Screamers/Flashy Images: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Posting screamer links or images/content that is flashy, and/or may trigger epileptic seizures in chat is not allowed.

Rule #21: No More Than 2 Accounts: (Tier 2 Gameplay Offense)
You are allowed to use no more than 2 accounts. If your IP has more than 2 accounts associated with it, some accounts may be disabled to bring you back down to 2, unless you can prove that you are sharing your IP with another family member.

Rule #22: No Asking For Ranks: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Do not ask staff for ranks in general. Doing so will result in elimination for any ranks in the future.

Rule #23: No Asking For An Application Check: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Do not ask a staff member to check the status or look at a staff application. Doing this will result in an immediate denial. No questions asked, no warnings will be given.

Rule #24: No PayPal Disputes: (PERMANENT BAN by ADMINISTRATOR)
Opening up a PayPal dispute (chargeback) case will result in a permanent ban and IP ban, without an appeal.

Rule #25: No Spoilers: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Spoilers of movies, books, etc are not allowed.

Rule #26: No Arguing or Causing Drama: (Tier 1 Chat Offense)
Arguing or causing drama is not allowed on MineWrath.

Rule #27: No Combat Logging (Tier 1 Gameplay Offense)
Logging out or disconnecting from the server while in PVP is not permitted.

Rule #28: Flying, Using God Mode, Speed, Heal, or Feed is not permitted while PVPing. (Tier 1 Gameplay Offense)
You are not allowed to use store commands as an advantage to normal players during PVP.


Rule #29: No Hiding Value: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
All value must be claimed and not hidden, value must be in at least a 3x3 claim.

Rule #30: No Alt Factions: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Alt factions for extra claims are not allowed.

Rule #31: No Splitting Factions/Value: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
No creating multiple factions to split value and get more ftop prizes, also no gifting value to other factions/allys to get more prizes.

Rule #32: Merging: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Merging after grace is not allowed, if merged in grace the factions stay merged and the faction that the players left will NOT be competitive.

Rule #33: No Insiding: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Insiding is not allowed and you will be permanently banned. (Any form of insiding, or evidence that shows you were planning to).

Rule #34: Chunk Buffer Limits: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Factions that claim land are only allowed 20 chunk claims away from their base on all sides. The buffer claims start at the first outside wall of the actual base.

Rule #35: Raid Claims: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
When raiding a faction’s base, you’re allowed to place 1 raiding claims. You cannot have more than 1 raid claim at a base. It is also against the rules to align multiple cannon boxes behind/in front of each other. The maximum size for raid claims is a radius of 10.

Rule #36: Printer Patching/GenBucket Patching: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
No use of Printer or Genbuckets to rebuild defenses while being raided If you are caught using the Printer mod or Genbuckets to rebuild during a raid, you will be punished. You must wait at least 15 minutes after the last cannon shot fired before being ALLOWED to use the Printer mod to rebuild or Genbuckets.

Rule #37: Corner Rules: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
A faction can only own one corner overall. To be defined as it being your corner over another factions, you need to claim the actual corner next to the world border.

Rule #38: Redstone Check Boxes: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
These are not allowed and if found it will be removed and the faction will be punished.

Rule #39: Regen Walls/Indestructible Defences: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Walls that 'regenerate' themselves or defences that are indestructible are not allowed and will be removed and the faction will be punished.

Rule #40: Cannon Boxes: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
You must not counter cannon boxes from behind, it is only permitted to counter from the front and sides.

Rule #41: Mining Spawners While Being Raided: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
You are not allowed to mine your spawners if you are being raided, you must wait until the cannon has not been fired up to 20 minutes.

Rule #42: "Bitch" Claims: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Claiming in another Factions chunk buffer (20) will be considered as a "Bitch" claim and will be removed.

Rule #43: Leeching: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Leeching off raids is not allowed, you may not enter through another factions cannoning/work.

Rule #44: Cannon Rules: (Tier 3 Gameplay Offense)
Automatic Cannons; Automatic cannons are NOT ALLOWED and it will be removed if found and you will be punished.
Cannon Limits; Only one cannon per faction at a base.
Cannon Speeds; Each shot has to be fired within 2 seconds of each other anything under will be an offence, faction punishments will be applied.
Cannons may only shoot 1 wall at a time; if it shoots more than one it will be removed and a faction punishment may be given.
Cannons that exploit the server; Cannons that use server glitches/exploits to there advantage (eg, past world border cannon) are not allowed and will be removed, faction punishments will also be applied.
Left and Right Shooting Cannons; These are not allowed and will be removed, a faction will be punished if caught having one.


In the case where no specific rule governs behavior, it is to be assumed that any actions which provide unfair advantages to you without being available to other players through the server are not permissible and further actions may be taken as punishment.

MineWrath is a PVP-oriented server and thus any transgressions which negatively impact upon other players are taken much more seriously. We aim to encourage competition between players but if you engage in activity which mars this, you will be dealt with more severely.
MineWrath Owners and Administrators may add, remove, or change any rules at any time, as they see fit, with or without notice. If you have any questions about any rules, please make sure you ask a staff member.


All of the MineWrath rules are ranked on severity based on a tier 1-3 system. The higher level tier, the more severe the violation is. All staff members will follow the following protocol when players break the rules. After the 7th or 8th violation, an admin will review the violation history of the player and determine whether or not a permanent punishment should be issued.

While it is very unlikely, administrators always reserve the right to skip violations to a more severe one, depending on the situation.

Punishment history resets every season (6 months).


Violation #1:Violation #2:Violation #3:Violation #4:Violation #5:Violation #6:Violation #7:Violation #8:
Tier 1 Chat OffenseWarningKick30 minute mute1 hour mute1 day mute3 day mute7 day muteAdmin escalation
Tier 2 Chat OffenseKick30 minute mute1 hour mute1 day mute3 day mute7 day mute1 month muteAdmin escalation
Tier 3 Chat Offense1 hour mute1 day mute3 day mute7 day mute30 day mute60 day muteAdmin escalationAdmin escalation


Violation #1:Violation #2:Violation #3:Violation #4:Violation #5:Violation #6:Violation #7:Violation #8:
Tier 1 Gameplay OffenseKick1 hour ban12 hour ban1 day ban3 day ban7 day ban14 day banAdmin escalation
Tier 2 Gameplay Offense1 hour ban12 hour ban1 day ban3 day ban7 day ban14 day ban30 day banAdmin escalation
Tier 3 Gameplay Offense1 day ban3 day ban7 day ban14 day ban30 day ban60 day banAdmin escalationAdmin escalation
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